Cheat Codes for Pro Feel Golf

Cheat Codes for Pro Feel Golf

Cheat codes for Pro Feel Golf are very seeked on the web, especially Bronze pack cheat. No wonder, as this rpg game, with 4.4 rating, has so many downloads on iOS and Android since its very beginning in November 2016. Are you one of the gamers who wishes to be the best? If yes, we will supply you with Pro Feel Golf cheats!

Pro Feel Golf Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for following in app purchases and more:

  1. Bronze Pack $4.99
  2. Iron Pack $2.99
  3. Silver Pack $9.99
  4. VIP Membership $9.99
  5. Gold Pack $19.99
  6. Favourite Power-Up Pack $2.99
  7. Platinium Pack $49.99
  8. Diamond Pack $79.99
  9. Starter Pack $4.99
  10. Power-Up Variety Pack $4.99

Hack Tool have 100% success chance on iPhone!

This game is officially available in most countries and in some languages: Punjabi, Arabic, Hindi, English, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Bengali, Spanish. When it comes to our hacks – you can access them no matter the location.

As mentioned, Bronze pack is the most desired cheat for Pro Feel Golf and you can quickly get it for free. It normally costs $4.99 USD with in-app purchase, but it does not cost you a thing here on our website!

Apart from Bronze pack cheat, we have additional hacks for Pro Feel Golf to pass you. Those include Bronze Pack, Iron Pack, Silver Pack, VIP Membership, Gold Pack, Favourite Power-Up Pack, Platinium Pack, Diamond Pack, Starter Pack, Power-Up Variety Pack and all will help you accomplish incredible results you have always desired. If you are stuck, just look for our Pro Feel Golf hacks!

Cheat codes for Pro Feel Golf are very basic to enforce. Only use our hack tool and you will be awarded with all the hacks in a flash. Additional demonstration is written in the text below, together with the list of updates up to GameUpdate, when the latest one hit. The most recent update introduces certain attractive things, so be sure to check that.

How to Use Cheat Codes for Pro Feel Golf

Using our cheats for Pro Feel Golf is very incomplex. All you need to do is click on the USE HACK TOOL button. You must then fill in the form with all the important game-related information. All of this is in English, even though the game is available in Punjabi, Arabic, Hindi, English, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Bengali, Spanish languages.

Pro Feel Golf hack tool

You will also need to verify that you are a human and after you wrap all of this – the cheat will be activated. This procedure is much faster and simpler than it sounds and it is all worth it due to the final effect which is being provided to you ones you access them.

How Many Hack Tool Cheats Can You Use?

You should activate all the hack tool cheats you need and they are all free! Pro Feel Golf currently has total 10 cheats that you can pick up with only a few clicks. The most requested cheat at the moment is Bronze pack, so go for that one or simply select between these: Bronze Pack, Iron Pack, Silver Pack, VIP Membership, Gold Pack, Favourite Power-Up Pack, Platinium Pack, Diamond Pack, Starter Pack, Power-Up Variety Pack.

Pro Feel Golf Cheats

Here is the list of each available Pro Feel Golf hacks. With in-app purchase they cost you quite a bit, specifically those prime ones, but here you can use them for free!

Bronze Pack $4.99 ——- Cheat code: DO7XCVELEC
Iron Pack $2.99 ——- Cheat code: SREQ7SSHWQ
Silver Pack $9.99 ——- Cheat code: ELM1MKLH1M
VIP Membership $9.99 ——- Cheat code: LVJSRAMJNV
Gold Pack $19.99 ——- Cheat code: BBT5GAWG7X
Favourite Power-Up Pack $2.99 ——- Cheat code: VEFWU588X0
Platinium Pack $49.99 ——- Cheat code: M1EWJQW7UJ
Diamond Pack $79.99 ——- Cheat code: OL3DVOIH97
Starter Pack $4.99 ——- Cheat code: ZRQ2PQDGWY
Power-Up Variety Pack $4.99 ——- Cheat code: 0BFIDAZWXU

Using Pro Feel Golf Cheats

We encourage you start accessing cheat codes for your favorite game, whether it is Pro Feel Golf or any other, if you…

  • Hope to become recognized contestant.
  • Want to win.
  • Understand that games are a lot about tricks.
  • Are curious about what could happen in a game.
  • Wish to achieve good results.

Pro Feel Golf Hacks Description

Released on the November 2016, Pro Feel Golf is very wanted Android and iOS game. It has incredible number of downloads from around the world. This is a rpg game, very exciting to play. The game is compatible with other devices running on above-mentioned OS.

Pro Feel Golf, which is priced $4.99, is available in most countries and can be downloaded in few languages, including Punjabi, Arabic, Hindi, English, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Bengali, Spanish.

With 4.4 rating it does not come as a surprise that everyone wishes to play it and get hack tools for it.

Read a complete game description if you are still not familiar with it:

“Pro Feel Golf is easy to like because it feels realistic without being overly complex. It’s great as a side dish or as an entree, and that is its ultimate charm.” 148Apps

“I am really a Pro Feel Golf fan. A game worth having in your iPhone or iPad” Appstribune

“The game benefits from an intuitive one-touch interface” USA Today

With PRO FEEL GOLF, everyone can experience real-world golf action with more realism and precision than ever before. 

PRO FEEL GOLF brings a fresh approach with unique and innovative controls that allow ease of use but with depth to grow your game. Become a golfing legend using intuitive one touch controls.

NEW Betting feature available in 1-on-1 Mode amps up the stakes! Choose from an array of games to enter, each with different betting sizes. Bet with your friends or a random opponent, only one can be a golf legend. Place your bet before a game and gain even more coins when you win!

PRO FEEL GOLF keeps your passion for golf alive… anywhere, anytime. This game offers a unique golfing experience on your iPhone or Tablet. Play alone or against your friends using seamlessly embedded social features. Hungry for competition? Invite players to one on one challenges and compete for Daily rewards in a world-wide championship. Find out who is the best golfer!

• Stunning graphics across multiple locations.
• Wind, lie and strategy all create the experience of a real golf course.

• One finger and two simple actions to hit the ball.
• One-hand controls provide convenient portrait gameplay view.

• Complete hundreds of golf challenges.
• Master every course and become a real golf champion.

• Upgrade your golf equipment for more capabilities.
• Use power-ups to give you that extra edge.

• Add friends and compete with them one on one.
• Social progression feature tallies the score after every hole.

PRO FEEL GOLF is the perfect round in your pocket!

Compatible with: iPhone6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPod Touch (5th Gen), iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini (iOS 7 or higher is required). Please make sure your device is supported before downloading.

This app offers in-app purchases. Please note that you may disable in-app purchasing directly from your device. For more information, visit .

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Pro Feel Golf Updates List

The game had certain updates over time. The most recent arrived on the February 2017.

Pro Feel Golf Cheats Comments

Worst game ever

by hareld25 on 07/01/2018 - Version:

This game is the worst because you tap a ball to see we’re it goes, if you are thinking about getting this game, don’t. I only gave it 1 star because you had to tap at least 1 star. This game is a total wast of your time!

No support

by none on 07/01/2018 - Version:

I like this app a lot, but when it locked up on me on my iPhone 7, I deleted it and reloaded it from the cloud. It would load to 100% and then just hang up there without opening. I sent two messages to support and have not heard anything back. Very frustrating!!

One on one

by Karma907 on 06/30/2018 - Version: 2.2.2

I have written often of problems with this app, and it seems no one is taking care, or fixing bugs with this. The daily challenges are a joke. They don’t count unless a player has already played. If I’m the first player, then someone else plays, the win doesn’t count for the challenge. It’s so frustrating. Then the game’s not worth the aggravation. When I contact the support team, they give the appropriate answers, then do nothing to fix the problems. Downgrading stars from 3 to 1.

Really nice game

by Huntnwabits on 06/30/2018 - Version: 2.2.2

I played golf clash and found out that it is nothing but a money pool this game is awesome

Update needed, fix loading issues

by ICHEW on 06/27/2018 - Version: 2.2.2

I like the app, but It has issues at loading in the beginning right after the Game Center loads, several times I had to log out of if so it would finish loading, which means all my earnings and stats were back to zero $&@!!, another issue is with adding friends through Facebook, some of them won’t show in the list.. frustrating to say the least.

The bugs ruin this game

by jordaammn on 06/19/2018 - Version: 2.2.2

Great concept and looks great. The bugs are horrible. I have lost over $60 due to problems with the game. I have had the hole disappear on a putt. I have seen the ball fall straight out of the sky. The game often freezes, which causes me too restart it and lose the game I’m in. I have seen it tell me games timed out after only an hour (should be 24hrs). I have won games and not gotten the level up for it. There are many many more bug issues. The game physics are off as well and don’t make sense. Shots that should play long due to elevation changes will end up playing very short and vice versa. I have played in 1 on 1 where the video replay shows the opponent takes 4 shots on a Par 4 but the score reflects an eagle. I was promised these issues would be fixed after last update and still haven’t been fixed. I am requesting all of my money back from Apple.

Great if you have a facebook account

by BTratten on 06/18/2018 - Version: 2.2.2

Game is pretty good but 1 vs 1 mode isnt accessable without a logging into facebook. Lame!

Fun game but....

by Hslintz on 06/18/2018 - Version: 2.2.2

This game pisses me off ! It’d be a great game if it didn’t crash all the time. Only happens during 1 on 1 play and you end up losing the match. It happens constantly.

Fun for a bit

by gajfndknr on 06/18/2018 - Version: 2.2.2

This app was fun for me. Then it got to a point where their wind and uphill downhill aspects to shots were so unrealistic you couldn’t make a shot. Not to mention it took 5 minutes to line up a putt because the sensitivity was so high

Problems galore

by jcass110 on 06/16/2018 - Version: 2.2.2

Great game....when it works properly. Biggest problem is you can chip in from off the green or hit a shot into the cup and it plainly shows it going in...then instead of you giving you the made shot, the screen shows a weird angle and view like you have to putt but you CANNOT see how to “make” the next shot which shouldn’t have to be played to begin with because you made the previous shot. Weird angle shot can MEVER be made thus costing you extra strokes and/or losing a 1 on 1 game. PLEASE FIX!

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