Cheat Codes for Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars

Cheat Codes for Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars

Cheat codes for Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars are very seeked on the web, especially Bag of diamonds cheat. No wonder, as this adventure game, with 4.8 rating, has so many downloads on Android and iOS since its very beginning in December 2016. Are you one of the players who chooses to be the best? If yes, we will assist you with Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars cheats!

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for following in app purchases and more:

  1. Bag of Diamonds $4.99
  2. Chest of Diamonds $19.99
  3. Sack of Diamonds $9.99
  4. House of Diamonds $39.99
  5. Vault of Diamonds $99.99
  6. Promo Pack $1.99
  7. Village Booster Pack $0.99
  8. Samurai Siege Offer $12.99
  9. Samurai Siege Offer 7 $12.99
  10. Stash of Onyx $9.99

Hack Tool have 100% success chance on iPhone!

This game is officially available in most countries and in specific languages: Punjabi, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, English. When it comes to our hacks – you can receive them no matter the location.

As mentioned, Bag of diamonds is the most desired cheat for Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars and you can quickly get it for free. It regularly costs $9.99 USD with in-app purchase, but it does not cost you a thing here on our website!

Apart from Bag of diamonds cheat, we have additional hacks for Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars to give you. Those include Bag of Diamonds, Chest of Diamonds, Sack of Diamonds, House of Diamonds, Vault of Diamonds, Promo Pack, Village Booster Pack, Samurai Siege Offer, Samurai Siege Offer , Stash of Onyx and all will help you reach greatest results you have always wished. If you are stuck, just call for our Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars hacks!

Cheat codes for Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars are very straightforward to apply. Only use our hack tool and you will be delivered with all the hacks in a second. More information is positioned in the text below, in conjunction with the list of updates till GameUpdate, when the latest one arrived. The last update has several incredible things, so be sure to check that.

How to Use Cheat Codes for Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars

Using our cheats for Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is very incomplex. All you need to do is click on the USE HACK TOOL button. You must then fill in the form with all the important game-related information. All of this is in English, even though the game is available in Punjabi, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, English languages.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars hack tool

You will also need to verify that you are a human and as you do all of this – the cheat will be activated. This procedure is much faster and simpler than it looks and it is all worth it due to the final effect which is being provided to you ones you access them.

How Many Hack Tool Cheats Can You Use?

You could receive all the hack tool cheats you need and they are all free! Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars currently has total 10 cheats that you can access with only a few clicks. The most quested cheat at the moment is Bag of diamonds, so go for that one or simply pick between these: Bag of Diamonds, Chest of Diamonds, Sack of Diamonds, House of Diamonds, Vault of Diamonds, Promo Pack, Village Booster Pack, Samurai Siege Offer, Samurai Siege Offer , Stash of Onyx.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Cheats

Here is the list of each available Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars hacks. With in-app purchase they cost you quite a bit, particularly those prime ones, but here you can receive them for free!

Bag of Diamonds $4.99 ——- Cheat code: E1UMYJ8LJR
Chest of Diamonds $19.99 ——- Cheat code: D8TJVU4EZM
Sack of Diamonds $9.99 ——- Cheat code: B78BBH6TO5
House of Diamonds $39.99 ——- Cheat code: 2NXN2ULSNN
Vault of Diamonds $99.99 ——- Cheat code: KSV3RQMBCB
Promo Pack $1.99 ——- Cheat code: KBI23PYOEK
Village Booster Pack $0.99 ——- Cheat code: H7BUO4APRO
Samurai Siege Offer $12.99 ——- Cheat code: G1PSHJAQ9D
Samurai Siege Offer 7 $12.99 ——- Cheat code: V3QMJBYRPV
Stash of Onyx $9.99 ——- Cheat code: EMIX2OQCZL

Using Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Cheats

We suggest you start applying cheat codes for your favorite game, whether it is Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars or any other, if you…

  • Wish to become popular gamer.
  • Want to win.
  • Believe that games are a lot about methods.
  • Are curious about what may happen in a game.
  • Wish to accomplish noticeable results.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Hacks Description

Initiated on the December 2016, Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is very good Android and iOS game. It has stunning number of downloads from around the world. This is a adventure game, very exciting to play. The game is compatible with other devices running on above-mentioned OS.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars, which is priced $9.99, is available in most countries and can be started in certain languages, including Punjabi, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, English.

With 4.8 rating it does not come as a surprise that everyone craves to play it and get hack tools for it.

Read a comprehensive game description if you are still not familiar with it:

Lead an army of Samurai, Ninjas, and fantastic monsters of the East to glory! Build your village into a mighty stronghold! Raise powerful armies! Fight against other players!

Please note that Samurai Siege is free to play. Some in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Samurai Siege is a fun multiplayer combat strategy game. Defend your village against hordes of enemy ninjas, samurai, and creatures! Explore a mystical world as you battle through lush forests, snowy mountains, and deserts. Fight other players from around the world to capture loot and steal rare items. Or join forces with other players to create the most powerful Alliance! Wage war with other alliances and compete to dominate the realm.

* Epic real-time strategy combat
* Build your humble village into a mighty stronghold
* Recruit an army of Samurai, Ninjas, Battering Rams, and Eastern Monsters
* Battle with other players online
* Rid the world of evil as you travel across a vast world map
* Fight in multiple environments: from lush valleys to rocky mountains
* Create Alliances with other players
* Alliance Wars! Declare war on rival Alliances and compete for valuable rewards
* Chat and share battles with your team in Alliance Chat!

Note: a network connection is required to play

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Updates List

The game had several updates over time. The last appeared on the April 2017.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Cheats Comments

Very enjoyable

by KMCTCaputo on 06/02/2018 - Version: 7.3

Needs some tweeking, but still fun

Tech Support terrible- fraud alert

by Rodgers12mvp on 05/20/2018 - Version: 7.3

I have had multiple problems with this game abd even had to get refund from apple due to overcharging. Supposed VIP letter gives dersils on future events and than has incorrect information??? What makes it 200 times worse is how apathetic, rude and unprofessional theur customer support is - consider yourself warned... do not waste mobey or time on this app.

Great costumer service

by Jack0b281 on 05/19/2018 - Version: 7.3

I emailed the company because I didn't get a reward and within an hour they responded and corrected the error

iPhone X optimization

by Bronstarr on 05/04/2018 - Version: 7.3

Um, any chance we can get this optimized for iPhone X, its been out for 6-7 months now and I’d like to see the game on full screen


by FrankHaus on 04/28/2018 - Version: 7.3

This is an awesome,fun,strategy game! It is very addictive join an active group and battle together in tournaments and receive lots of loot!!!


by You on 04/17/2018 - Version: 7.2

It has potential, but this game like everyone said is a coc rip off. I like coc style games and that’s why I’m playing this.


by JoeHondo on 04/10/2018 - Version: 7.2

No feedback from staff on design flaws. Absolute must pay big to win. Designers refuse to fix bugs, such as there is a loophole that stops revenge attacks. I’ve had a village for years now and never once been able to revenge attack someone who’s attacked me. I’d recommend CoC or BB or AoC, if you like these kind of games.

fun game

by Lexustasy on 04/05/2018 - Version: 7.2

fun and addicting game

It’s a fun game for a while

by no on 04/05/2018 - Version: 7.2

Pay for progress. Get destroyed for a while trying to save up coins tell your defense is ok, and still get destroyed and lose a few coins and such.

Wondering Y even

by Swtlou17 on 03/22/2018 - Version: 7.2


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