Lost Portal CCG Hacks: Cheats for Lost Portal CCG You’ve Always Wanted!

Lost Portal CCG Hacks: Cheats for Lost Portal CCG You’ve Always Wanted!

Let’s talk about cheats for Lost Portal CCG! Aerahym expansion cheat is extremely wanted on the Internet and we had no choice but to get it for you. The game is available in most countries, has 4.7 rating, and since September 2014 the number of players is in continual growth. Consequently, Lost Portal CCG cheats are hugely wanted.

Lost Portal CCG Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for following in app purchases and more:

  1. Aerahym Expansion $1.99

Hack Tool have 100% success chance on iPhone!

Being the best at Lost Portal CCG was never easier. Now you can use not only 1 but 1 cheats, including prior mentioned Aerahym expansion. With in-app purchase it costs around $1.99, but instead paying that amount you can get it for free within our useful hack tool!

The justifications are not relevant at the moment. Whether it’s about score, beating your friends or showing how sharp you are, Aerahym expansion cheat and other cheat codes will help you in that.

The fact that this game is action obviously leads to an ultimate rush for winning and achieving more. We recognize that feeling and want to help you please the need. That is why you can get all those cheats for free. They can be yours instantly and you can access them now, so go further in the text to read how to access those hacks! The kick is real, isn’t it?

Cheats for Lost Portal CCG: Activation Process

The activation process for Lost Portal CCG cheats is the smoothest possible. Lost Portal CCG has multiple cheat codes and you can have as many as you want. For activation use our hack tool below. Click on the USE HACK TOOL button and follow the written guides. You will need to fill in some game information – not much, we promise you – and confirm you are not a robot. Completing these steps will automatically provide you with cheat codes. This will take just a few minutes and no money at all, while in-app purchase of Aerahym expansion cheat or any other costs quite a bit.

Lost Portal CCG hack tool

Available Cheat Codes for Lost Portal CCG

Apart from the most important Aerahym expansion cheat, there is 1 of cheats on hand for you in each and every moment. Read the list below to see which are available, what their in-app purchase price tag is, and get them at no cost with our hack tool. The results will come straight away and you’ll soon see how useful they are.

Aerahym Expansion $1.99 ——- Cheat code: U65UI4MV4R

Why Should You Use Lost Portal CCG Hack Tool?

Our hack tool should be used if you want to:

  • Be exquisite at this particular game.
  • Beat all your friends, colleagues and competition.
  • Experience other features and spice up the game.
  • Get to the end of Lost Portal CCG, which is not that easy.

Playing games is all about good methods, and being smart at finding free game cheats is a tactic of its own. Don’t you agree? Do not think twice. Use them while they are free of charge and available with only few clicks.

Lost Portal CCG Description

Lost Portal CCG can be played on one of the following languages: Punjabi, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, English, Japanese. The most used one is English language, of course, as most gamers understand it.

With high rating, reaching 4.7, and many users from the entire world, it managed to become attractive to different users. Many updates had happened over time, since it was launched in September 2014, with the latest happening on the January 2018.

The game is free, but for extra features, as stated, you need to pay certain amount. Do not waste your money on such because you can get all of that for free with our hack tool.

In case you want to recommend it to others, send them over the official game description for more details:

* 5-Star review on Pocket Tactics!
“Where Magic meets D&D and everyone wins.”

Lost Portal is a collectable card game that involves exploring dungeons and fighting AI enemies and bosses, collecting treasure and leveling up your character to gain new abilities.

– Four character slots allow you to create up to four characters at one time
– Six levels of difficulty provide increasing challenges and risks.
– Random enemies and card drops means no two games are exactly the same
– 243 cards to discover in five rarities: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare and avatar cards
– Over 80 enemies and bosses to challenge across 5 towns and 15 dungeons in the main campaign, with even more after the campaign ends.
– Aerahym expansion (IAP) adds 33 additional cards, another town, 3 dungeons and more enemies to face. It also adds four additional character slots and the level cap is raised by two.

Easily add cards to your deck using the deck editor. Use color, type and rarity filters to find the cards you want. Each character you create can keep up to five decks and can select different card backs for each.

Buy new cards at card shops located in towns and dungeons using gold you’ve collected. You can also sell unwanted cards for more gold.

Visit the Forge to create new cards by sacrificing cards from your library. Each forge has a random selection of rare cards that can be forged.

Gain experience by defeating enemies. When you level up, you gain ability points that you can spend, along with gold, to increase your abilities. Increase your Health, Agility, Wisdom and Intellect to gain different advantages and unlock additional abilities.

Also, be sure to download similar games, as you will need a new challenge in your life once you beat this one.

Good luck and enjoy your play!

Lost Portal CCG Cheats Comments

Thank you, developer!

by WRS15743 on 06/30/2018 - Version: 1.1.12

This is the first RPG/CCG I can actually play because it’s solo play and play at your own place! I don’t have time for long multiplayer sessions. And I simply want to play alone. This is perfect, it fits into my schedule. It’s user friendly and very well designed. And priced more than fairly. I’m a casual gamer, so being able to adjust the settings to be easy and to not lose gold makes it more fun, especially as I’m just learning the game. Thank you, developer, great job! I appreciate that you’ve kept it updated too. I highly recommend this game!

Simply Fantastic

by FiddleBackFiend on 06/30/2018 - Version: 1.1.12

I love this game! The description says it; D&D meets MTG. This is a simple, easy to learn, challenging yet rewarding game. You have everything in front of you available to beat the game (no additional purchases or in game currency or stupid unlocks that cost more than the game itself.) The mechanics of the game are straightforward and tutorials to start make it easy to jump into. The artwork is varied and creates an identity of its own; the background art especially is welcomed when going off of grids/dungeons. The music is varied enough to where you don’t get tired of “that same repeating song” and adds flavor to each duel. Any player of TCG/CCG table top/pen & paper RPG will appreciate the style, mechanics, and overall caliber of this game. With varying levels of difficulty; whether you want to goof off casually or really test your mental mettle; this is a great one!


by Nickelstar on 05/05/2018 - Version: 1.1.12

I haven’t spent so much time playing a game like this since Legend of Zelda. Maybe I should take a star away due to all my lost time having fun with Lost Portal. I love that this an entirely off-line game so can be played on a plane or places where no internet is available.

Great game!

by xweb01 on 05/04/2018 - Version: 1.1.12

A great collectible card game that doesn’t nickel and dime you. Burned a lot of hours playing this. Well balanced and satisfying. Fun campaign mode.

A great, but flawed game

by Taznak on 04/22/2018 - Version: 1.1.12

Lost Portal is great in a lot of ways. You get to play a collectible card game and get all of the best cards without having to spend several hundred dollars like you’d have to in Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone. You get to play it whenever you want, even if you’re offline, and matches are short, sweet and they all have an element of progression- you get new cards, or gold to buy new cards at a shop, after every match. The stats system, where you get to improve them on level up, may not be perfectly balanced (Agi > Wis > HP >> Int, IMO), but it’s innovative and makes the gameplay more fun (e.g. by Wis giving you more starting aeons so you don’t get mana screwed and get to play your big cards faster), so I give it my thumbs up. So why three stars when I’ve had nothing but praise for it so far? There’s one issue that has caused me a lot of frustration: Availability of two-colored aeons. I just had to restart a playthrough where I was level 20, because I wanted to play a Red + Blue deck and had only managed to get 3 Frostfire Orbs, with no more available to be bought in shops or even crafted. 3 to 4 copies of a card is usually all you need, but with Aeons you want 12 to 15 copies, so they’re a huge bottleneck for you to build a multi-colored deck, and if you get unlucky with the type of two-colored aeons you want, then that will wreck your playthrough. Other than this (really frustrating) issue, this really is an outstanding game.

Great game! Excellent solo experience

by Mikeman12 on 04/16/2018 - Version: 1.1.12

This game has been a really fun solo experience that you can pick up and play even if you only have a couple of free minutes. One suggestion to the developer - can you please have it so that I can target my own hidden creatures with spells?

I tried

by [email protected] on 04/15/2018 - Version: 1.1.12

I tried to like this game but it’s just stupid hard. It’s not fun.

So nice with zero IAP

by Yikesx3 on 04/10/2018 - Version: 1.1.12

Well worth the one-time purchase! No IAP, so no wondering if you're supposed to buy your way to victory. Great for single-player fans, works well on phone too.

Great single player fun

by Pat413 on 04/10/2018 - Version: 1.1.12

This is a great PvE card game for killing a few minutes at a time when in need of a break at work. The games are quick and the mechanics are easy to understand. If you like Hearthstone or Magic, but don’t want the PvP pressure, I highly recommend.

Challenging and Entertaining

by DMB106 on 03/19/2018 - Version:

A good alternative to hearthstone. It’s also like having a digital MTG game. Loads of cards to choose from and customize your deck. You an create powerful decks but still be challenged by high level enemies. It keeps me thinking and planning. I got a few good weeks of game play before I reached what seems to be the last portal. It was well worth the money and I’m planning on getting the expansion.

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