Prize Claw Hacks: Cheats for Prize Claw You’ve Always Wanted!

Prize Claw Hacks: Cheats for Prize Claw You’ve Always Wanted!

Let’s talk about cheats for Prize Claw! Get grabs cheat is hugely wanted on the Internet and we had no choice but to get it for you. The game is available in most countries, has 4.9 rating, and since September 2018 the number of users is in non-stop growth. Consequently, Prize Claw cheats are extremely wanted.

Prize Claw Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for following in app purchases and more:

  1. Get 25 Grabs $0.99
  2. Get 150 Grabs $4.99
  3. Unlocks Space Machine $8.99
  4. Get 1500 Coins $2.99
  5. Removes Advertisement $0.99
  6. Get 350 Grabs $9.99
  7. Get 850 Grabs $19.99
  8. Get 1000 Grabs $19.99
  9. Get 500 Coins $3.99
  10. Coins 5000 $14.99

Hack Tool have 100% success chance on iPhone!

Being the best at Prize Claw was never easier. Now you can activate not only 1 but 10 cheats, including ahead mentioned Get grabs. With in-app purchase it costs around $14.99, but instead paying that quantity you can get it for free within our amazing hack tool!

The justifications are not significant at the moment. Whether it’s about score, beating your friends or showing how competent you are, Get grabs cheat and other cheat codes will assist you in that.

The fact that this game is sports noticeably makes an intense rush for winning and achieving more. We understand that feeling and wish to help you please the need. That is why you can get all those cheats for free. They can be yours straightaway and you can receive them immediately, so go further in the text to read how to receive those hacks! The ambition is real, isn’t it?

Cheats for Prize Claw: Activation Process

The activation process for Prize Claw cheats is the simplest possible. Prize Claw has numerous cheat codes and you can have as many as you want. For activation use our hack tool below. Click on the USE HACK TOOL button and follow the written guides. You will need to fill in some game information – not much, we promise you – and confirm you are not a robot. Completing these steps will automatically provide you with cheat codes. This will take just a few minutes and no money at all, while in-app purchase of Get grabs cheat or any other costs quite a bit.

Prize Claw hack tool

Available Cheat Codes for Prize Claw

Apart from the most searched Get grabs cheat, there is 10 of cheats on hand for you in each and every moment. Read the list below to see which are downloadable, what their in-app purchase price tag is, and get them at no cost with our hack tool. The results will come straight away and you’ll instantly know how good they are.

Get 25 Grabs $0.99 ——- Cheat code: 597NQKWUL7
Get 150 Grabs $4.99 ——- Cheat code: KQOFPCCNPD
Unlocks Space Machine $8.99 ——- Cheat code: HQ5MYTSQBB
Get 1500 Coins $2.99 ——- Cheat code: RYEEHXOHRH
Removes Advertisement $0.99 ——- Cheat code: D2LTL54WKH
Get 350 Grabs $9.99 ——- Cheat code: KJWA5FWME4
Get 850 Grabs $19.99 ——- Cheat code: MVKUXI0TXW
Get 1000 Grabs $19.99 ——- Cheat code: PX8NIMH0V6
Get 500 Coins $3.99 ——- Cheat code: 6E3KVCLMW0
Coins 5000 $14.99 ——- Cheat code: WDS3FJQQTX

Why Should You Use Prize Claw Hack Tool?

Our hack tool should be used if you want to:

  • Be exquisite at this particular game.
  • Beat all your friends, colleagues and competition.
  • enjoy additional features and spice up the game.
  • Get to the end of Prize Claw, which is not that easy.

Playing games is all about good strategy, and being good at finding free game cheats is a tactic of its own. Don’t you agree? Do not think twice. access them while they are free of charge and available with only few clicks.

Prize Claw Description

Prize Claw can be played on one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Punjabi. The most used one is English language, of course, as most gamers understand it.

With high rating, reaching 4.9, and many users from the entire world, it managed to become attractive to different users. Many updates had happened over time, since it was launched in September 2018, with the latest happening on the July 2017.

The game is free, but for advanced features, as stated, you need to pay certain amount. Do not waste your money on such because you can get all of that for free with our hack tool.

In case you want to recommend it to others, send them over the official game description for more details:

Welcome to Prize Claw, from the makers of the smash-hit free casual game Coin Dozer!

For years, you’ve been going to the arcade, carnival, or theme park, trading cash for the chance to grab toys and candy with a motorized claw. Claw games are filled with tense moments of maneuvering the crane into place, wondering if you’re lucky enough to get that toy, coupled with the triumph of your prize dropping through the slot! Prize Claw recreates that happy experience for women and men of all ages – no trip to the casino to play the slots needed – on your iPhone while adding many exciting new features!
Step up to the machine and maneuver the claw to grab coins, gems, a stuffed animal, cars, dolls, and much more! This game is much more than the standard grabbing you get from arcade crane machines, however: Prize Claw is filled with all sorts of unique items, powerful effects and challenging missions. Special gems grant an effect to enhance your collection power, and you can trade the prizes you collect for extra special bonuses. Prizes aren’t the only thing you can trade in: the coins you collect can be spent to upgrade your claw, activate new powers, and even customize your machine! If you run out of grabs, don’t fret! It won’t take long before you receive more. Keep checking back to complete your collection, increase your skill with the grabber, reach a higher level, and unlock more stuff!

• More than 60 prizes to collect – toy cars, a stuffed mouse, and much more!
• Multiple machines to play on with different prizes, powers and looks!
• A special puzzle to complete for each machine!
• New 3D graphics with customizable machines, claws, and joysticks!
• Simple to play, but with tons of challenging missions to earn a bonus prize!
• Earn extra bonuses for playing every day!
• Huge variety of bonuses and effects!

Stay tuned for future updates!

Prize Claw is also available on the iPad!

Also try out the other Game Circus titles like COIN DOZER and PAPLINKO!

Also, be sure to try similar games, as you will need a new challenge in your life once you beat this one.

Good luck and enjoy your play!

Prize Claw Cheats Comments


by ForestWindSong on 06/11/2018 - Version:

I love this game🤣🌈💕😘❤️☀️🐯


by carly9188 on 06/01/2018 - Version:

I’ve been playing this for a few years now. I love it! It would be nice if they were to add more items to collect so we can get more rewards.

Awesome game

by SteelersPony532 on 05/28/2018 - Version:

It's so fun! It's one of those games you keep on your phone to play in those times when no other games sound good. Also, there's quests to help make the game better and puzzle pieces come by really often. Good luck to the makers! Not like you'll need it!


by 👍👍👍👍👍👌💪👏🏃👈👐👍👍 on 04/28/2018 - Version:


Very fun

by LittlePearry on 04/03/2018 - Version:

This is a good game


by Aprilao on 03/05/2018 - Version: 3.40

Game was fun til now you open it and it just crashes using iPhone X. Try to contact support and it doesn’t let you finish you fill out the form go through the motions and it says try this before we send email opens a page where it blocks you from actually sending the email. It says no update in two years so maybe I should just let go of the game.

Love it

by Jillfriendg on 03/02/2018 - Version: 3.40


Great game but....

by Deedeats on 02/17/2018 - Version: 3.40

I loved this game and had a super high rank but when I got my new phone downloaded and went to play it started me at the beginning! Boo! Won’t be using playing it any more I guess.

too many ads!

by Phaseslovaa911 on 02/05/2018 - Version: 3.40

this game is really fun and i really like it but every 4 seconds there is an ad. unhappy

Awesome Game!!

by Z0m8Ieblue on 01/24/2018 - Version: 3.40

Love this app. It is a quick time killer. Haven't spent any real cash, and have progressed pretty fast. When you run out of grabs, watch a video or play another game for a while. Come back and you will have more grabs.

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